So Let’s Go Through This.

People it is time to wake up. If we don’t we are going to be the next third world country real soon. Wheather you want to except it or not. It is coming and there is nothing to stop it unless you are willing to stand up and do something about it.

We’ve got 1000s of illegals arriving here every day and being treated like Royalty being put up in top hotels and awarded allowance rises on top of already far too generous handouts. The bottom line is they shouldn’t be here anyway! All this whilst some of our ex service personnel who risked their lives for this country are living in cardboard boxes.

Talking of Royalty, we’re keeping this dysfunctional, irrelevant entity in oof and splendour whilst we’re suffering trying to pay utility bills or fill our cars at the pumps. We’re handing out cash to that Zelensky clown in Ukraine also.

Then there’s an assault on common decency with this LGBTQIXYZ agenda even making its filthy mark on our children (what’s wrong with just a normal man or woman reading them a story – why does it have to be a weirdo dressed up as a drag queen?) Before anyone says ‘What about pantomime dames?’ – that’s quite clearly different as its comedic content is obvious and aimed at the whole family audience. Also, they don’t have to be escorted from the theatre under the protection of the corrupt police unlike the aforementioned weirdos where it is obvious they’ve attracted the ire of decent people who oppose this. And that’s even before we’ve considered 16 year olds getting ‘bits’ cut off or added on a whim only to regret it soon afterwards because, on reflection, they’d prefer to actually be Paul again after a week or two of being Paula! Decent, traditional, wholesome values being destroyed whilst sick, modern, trendy ones are celebrated? Was that a bit homophobic? Not really! If you’re gay, just get on with life (like the vast majority of gay people do) No need for an agenda that finds its way to you whether you want it or not (rainbow flags whilst shopping in Sainsbury’s/rainbow police cars/rainbow armbands at the World Cup anyone?)

We had that awful Theresa Tam woman in Canada still trying to poison children with this disgusting, dangerous gene therapy (there was this cringiest video circulating yesterday about it) When I say I’m worried about people suffering, of course I’m referring to decent, awake people who know what it’s all about – not the moronic sheep who, not only are aiding and abetting this sickness, but moreover, are cheering it on. If they’re suffering in a cold home against this backdrop – GREAT!

We often talk about psyops but it’s obvious there is a multi-faceted one going on to demoralise every aspect of a decent, functioning society.

Does anybody know any jokes? 

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